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National Foster Care Month Webinar Series:
Building Blocks Toward Permanent Families
Webinar Series
Part 1 - 5/12
Integrated Systems
Approach to Permanency-
Focused Programs
Part 2 - 5/20
Real Talk: Myths
and Challenges in
Permanency Work
Part 3 - 5/29
Federal Supports to
Improving Permanency
Outcomes in Child Welfare
Webinar Series Overview

The Children’s Bureau, together with its partners, supports National Foster Care Month through a website on Child Welfare Information Gateway, its information service. The 2014 National Foster Care Month theme was “Building Blocks Toward Permanent Families”. As part of National Foster Care Month, the Children’s Bureau, through the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections (NRCPFC, a service of the Children’s Bureau and member of the T/TA Network), was pleased to offer a free three-part webinar series on achieving permanency for children and youth in foster care. 

Please visit the archived event page for each webinar to access additional details and materials and to listen to the webinar audio recording: